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DULUX® Paints, a brand of PPG and the largest paint store chain in Canada, has given Toronto-based Indigenous women and their children a dose of something that has been proven to lift spirits: colour. On September 11, the leading paint brand provided dozens of gallons of paint, supplies, financial contributions and more than 40 volunteers to revitalize the four-story, 1900s-era mansion housing the Native Women’s Resource Centre of Toronto. Read More
You might not realize it right now, but there are numerous innovations being developed every day that will completely change the way we build, renovate and decorate our homes. Many of these innovations are already here, taking those dreams of future homes out of science fiction movies and making them a reality. Take a moment to imagine a house of the future. What do you see? How about a house entirely created by a 3D printer, a driveway that can repair its own cracks, or even house paint that can kill diseases? Let’s take a look at 5 of these incredible developments. Read More

Style File: Transitional
Infusing your home with transitional style is kind of like eating a bowl of quinoa mac and cheese. It’s traditional, but with just enough of a contemporary twist to make it interesting. If there is a happy medium in interior decorating, transitional is probably it. It’s a safe and comfortable decorating style, that while adhering to many traditional ideals, keeps things fresh with the addition of contemporary touches. This style is incredibly popular in many parts of Canada, because it’s easy to work in, and ages extremely well.
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Darla Grant-Braid

The 5 Signs Of An Unqualified Contractor
Having work done on your home, regardless of the size of the project, is a big deal. There is a significant commitment of time, trust and money that is required when bringing in a contractor, especially if it is your first time doing so. You have probably heard horror stories from your friends about jobs that were finished poorly, or not finished at all, and hearing harrowing tales like that is enough to make any homeowner apprehensive.
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Andy DeSantis RD MPH

Take on this home reno project to instantly update your home
Are you interested in taking on a home renovation project but don’t have a lot of time or budget to get into something too involved? At the same time, do you want to make a change that really makes a statement? Renovating your kitchen requires both time and a healthy budget, and rearranging the living room (again), just doesn’t pack enough punch.  So, what about remodelling your entryway?
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Darla Grant-Braid

Huge impact of renos on home prices goes undetected
In the first two parts of [a series from John Melinte, an Associate of the Society of Actuaries] it was established that the return on investment in real estate is not nearly as great as you think and second, we do have an affordability problem. Here's our third major finding based on our analysis of that data (note that this is only for the detached and semi-detached segments of the market – it does not include condos or townhouses), that the level of home reno activity is a a significant contributor to the price of homes.
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Selecting the Perfect Wood Countertops
Changing the countertops in your kitchen to something more durable as well as functional can give the entire space a facelift.  Counters eventually do show signs of wear and tear, especially if they are older or made of materials that have lived past their life span.  There are many different choices available including concrete, granite, marble, laminate, and wood counters for your kitchen.  One of the most appealing, as well as useful counters, made from wood.
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5 things that are ruining your home’s curb appeal
We talk a lot about curb appeal here on The reason is because maintaining your home’s exterior is among the most important aspects of ownership. Unless you happen to live on a sprawling rural lot, your home’s exterior has a direct impact on the homes around you and the collective neighbourhood. In essence, good curb appeal contributes to good neighbourhood appeal.
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Darla Grant-Braid

How to cut moving expenses
There are a lot of extra expenses that come with buying a house. You’ll have to account for legal fees, taxes, moving costs, realtor commissions, and even the expense of ordering out a bit more take out than usual, because you’re just too tired to cook (trust us, it happens). While we can’t help you with taxes and legal fees, today’ we’re going to tell you how to cut moving costs.
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Darla Grant-Braid

Au Natural Decorating For Fall
Fall is a season that truly exemplifies the beauty of nature. Watching the leaves change colour never gets old and the crisp, fresh air is the perfect temperature to bundle up in. Because fall is naturally such a breathtaking season, it only makes sense to embrace it through au natural decorating. Here are six ways to transform your home into a festive fall oasis.
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Alexis Perikleous

Weiser introduces Obsidian, the industry’s most low-profile smart lock
Pushing the boundaries of design and technology, the Obsidian — the latest addition to Weiser’s line of smart locks — is a slim, modern and key-free lock that will keep your home secure while adding a flashy new element of style to its look. The Obsidian, introduced at the Consumer Electronics Show 2017 in Las Vegas, is the lowest profile smart lock in the industry, with a dark, sleek touchscreen that pushes the boundaries of design in the touchpad and touchscreen lock category. Obsidian has been available for purchase since Spring 2017. With the introduction of Obsidian, Weiseroffers consumers a sleek, modern smart lock that completely eliminates the need for traditional keys.
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